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Bulk Fuel Tanks

Petroleum Services KiwiTanks division design, manufacture and install fuel storage systems to Department of Labor & ERMA approvals. Depending on your storage or dispensing needs we can supply fuel storage system from 2,000L to 100,000L On or Under ground tanks. Whether it be for oil lubrication, fuel oil, waste oil, farm storage, contracting or truck stops, we can design and implement a solution for you.

On ground tanks

On ground tanks and sledge tanks come in all sizes, most commonly from 2,000L to 100,000L, either Single Skinned with Bunding or Double Skinned for secondary containment. We have a wide range of pump options available, from Motorized to 12, 24VDC & 230VAC Electric.

3000L Double Skinned Diesel Storage Tank 3000L Double Skinned On Ground Tank

This tank has a Piusi Cube 70 Electric Pump with a 70L per minute flow rate. The tank is also fitted with a high performance Donaldson Filtration Fuel Filter for clean diesel.






4900L Diesel Storage Tank4,900L Double Skinned On Ground Tank

We can provide fully lockable motor enclosures for added security to ensure your fuel is safe from theft.





6800L On Ground Tank

This tank includes remote dry break and remote fill option, and, Motorized Honda dispensing pump (at opposite end of the tank). Ladder and safety platform for easy access to the manway.






5000L Double Skinned Diesel Storage Tank5000L Double Skinned Forestry Skid Tank

This tank includes a lockable Motor-box which encloses: Honda motorized pump; filter flow-meter; 5m hose & auto nozzle.

The tank here also features a lockable Man-hole turret.




10,000L Double Skinned Diesel Storage Tank10,000L Double Skinned Skid Tank

This tank includes a lockable Motor-box which encloses: Honda motorized pump; filter flow-meter; 5m hose & auto nozzle.

The tank here also features a lockable man-hole turret.

Great bulk storage option for temporary industrial or forestry applications.

This tank is loving its new home in Niue.


15,000L Single Skinned Oil Tank with Bund15,000L Single Skinned Tank in Concrete Containment Bund

This tank is complete with safety stairway and platform and has been purpose built to store refined waste oil for use in a greenhouse oil heater.






50,000L Double Skinned Diesel Storage Truck Stop Facility50,000L Double Skinned Fleet Truck Stop

With expert project management, we can design and manufacture the tank, prepare the tank foundations and pad, install and provide crash protection, such as this 50,000L double pumping, bulk unload gem.




50,000L Double Skinned Jet A1 Storage Tank50,000L Double Skinned Aviation Tank

Petroleum Services can produce tanks for all fuel types. This tank has been designed and tested for aviation fuel Jet A1. Complete with safety stair and gangway access to the upper lockable entry turret.






Twin 40,000L Truck Stop FacilityTwin 40,000L On Ground Double Skinned Diesel Storage Tank Installation

This installation includes 2 dispensing Kiosks with twin diesel dispensing units and bulk tanker unload pump for fast filling of tanks.





Underground Tanks

Petroleum Services Ltd can supply and install everything required for an underground petrol storage facility, from the supply of tanks and pipe work to dispensers, pumps and control systems. We will work with you to develop your solution and can advise what the scope of your local council and Labor Department requirements will be. We offer full project management and a turnkey solution for your peace of mind. Below is a sample of one of our underground installations.

Underground Bio Diesel Storage Tank InstallationGull Melville, Hamilton Underground Bulk Tank Installation

65,000L Fiberglass Tank with dual fill turrets.






Gull Mellville Bio Diesel InstallationGull Melville, Hamilton Bio-fuel Installation Completed

From the above photo to this completed service station. Petroleum Services Ltd can manage the design, manufacture, installation and project management of your firms installation today.