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Farm Fuel Tanks

Petroleum Services KiwiTanks division design, manufacture and install farm fuel storage systems for petrol and diesel, across New Zealand. All tanks are designed and built to OSH  & ERMA approval number 1128/03 & TNK1017.

Depending on your storage or dispensing needs, we can supply fuel storage systems for gravity fed or on-ground tanks, with single or dual compartments. All tanks are supplied with lockable fill point(s), lockable outlet ball valve(s), as standard, for added security.

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On Ground Tanks

All Tanks can be fitted with either hand pumping units or with motorized dispensing systems (petrol or electric powered). We can also fit a high quality filter and/or flow meter if required.

1580L On Ground Diesel Tank1,580L On Ground Tank

With Piusi Cube 56 (230vac) dispenses fuel up to 50Lpm


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3000L On Ground Diesel Storage Tank3,000L On Ground Tank

With Piusi Cube70 (230vac) Pump dispensing up to 70Lpm, mechanical flow meter, Donaldson Filtration

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Above Ground Tanks

Overhead tanks from 600L to 1,850L, with galvanized frame, bracing and access ladder, as standard. Flow meters and filters can be added as required.

1100L Above Ground Gravity Feed Dual Fuel Storage Tank1,100L Gravity Fed Dual Fuel Tank

This dual compartment tank can hold petrol and diesel fuel.

The tank comes with fully galvanized stand/sub frame and ladder, basic filter, hose and manual nozzles. The fill / dip point is lockable and the tank comes with a calibrated dip stick as standard.





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1850L Above Ground Gravity Feed Dual Fuel Storage Tank1,580L Gravity Fed Dual Fuel Tank

This dual compartment tank is capable of holding both petrol and diesel.


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These are only a select few of the tanks we can produce. We can design and manufacture tanks specifically for your requirements. Tell us what you require and we can get it done.

For more information and pricing contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote.



Standard Sizes:

These sizes are our standard range, however; we can design and manufacture to fulfill specific requests.

  • 600L
  • 850L
  • 1100L
  • 1300L
  • 1580L
  • 1850L
  • 2350L (On ground only)
  • 2750L (On ground only)
  • 3700L (On ground only)
  • 4200L (On ground only)
  • 4600L (On ground only)
  • 4900L (On ground only)