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Remove Unwanted Water From Your Fuel Storage Tanks

Due to diesel being lighter than water, any moisture build up in diesel storage tanks naturally sinks to the bottom of the tank. This moisture builds up over time and can lead to tank rot. Damage caused by tank rot can seriously affect modern engines that rely on clean, water free diesel. Tank rot can introduce harmful impurities to the diesel being stored in the tank, which can then damage filters and engines. Common rail diesel engines tolerance for moisture and impurities in diesel is very low. Damaged injectors can lead to serious costly repairs in common rail engines and the best way to prevent this is with quality filtration and moisture removing media. This is where the water worm comes into the picture. The worm works via a water absorptive desiccant that naturally repels diesel and absobs water.

The worm is placed into the tanks outlet or dip point and sinks to the bottom of the tank using a counter weight. The worm comes with a 7ft tether that can be secured to the dip stick or vent etc. Once the worm has settled on the bottom of the tank it will absorb any water that is present. The absorptive media has a capacity of over 2 cups of water. Once the worm has solidified, representing it is full; it can easily be removed and replaced.

New Un-used Water Worm            Spent Water Worm Showing Proportion


New Un-used Water Worm            Spent Expanded Water Worm


Spent Water Worm Showing Absorptive Beads