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Fuel Management, Pumps, Filters & Accessories

Fuel Management Systems

We can advise on full range of the Fuel Management Systems based on your specific requirements. These can be supplied from manufactures here in New Zealand and overseas. For the full range of systems available follow this link to our Fuel Management Systems page.

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Fuel Transfer Pumps

We can supply & install a full range of Fuel & Oil Transfer Pumping Equipment. If you want to replace or upgrade your pumping, hoses, flow meter or dispensing equipment we can offer advice and a turn-key service. Our network of contractors means we can provide you with a solution wherever you are.

We can supply & install a full range of Fuel Transfer Pumping Equipment.

Hand Pumps

Electric Pumps (12VDC, 24VDC & 230VAC)

Motor Powered Pumps

Dispensing Pumps


We can supply & install a full range of Fuel Transfer Accessories & Equipment.

Fuel Meters (mechanical & digital)

Delivery Hoses

Fuel Nozzles (Manual & Auto-shutoff)



We are registered distributors of Donaldson Filtration Solutions for your filtration needs. The best way to reduce down time on your vehicles is filtration at the fuel storage source. This means the tank which holds your fuel should have good filtration devices loaded to prevent contaminants in your fuel which can cause unnecessary wear. Follow this link to check out our filtration solutions now.

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