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Compressed Air Line Installation

Petroleum Services is a registered distributor and installation specialist of Maxair plastic compressed air pipelines. Plastic pipelines have been used to transport compressed air for many years. Maxair pipe systems utilise PE100, a product of advanced materials technology which outperforms other pipes for pressure, flow, corrosion resistance, compatibility with compressor oils & ease of installation and alteration. Complementing this outstanding development in clean robust pipework is a comprehensive range of quality components to help you select the best solution for your individual requirements. This range is a result of research and experience within a broad cross section of industrial applications.

Petroleum Services has over ten years experience installing, maintaining and servicing compressed air line systems. Compressed gasses have inherent dangers, so an uncomprimising standard of quality, expert installation, conservative pressure ratings and the highest safety factors of any polymer piping system as set out in New Zealand standards are now available to you.

Features & Benefits of Maxair Pipe Systems

  • Elimination of pipe corrosion
  • Design flexibility
  • Quick, clean, simple installation
  • Chemical resistance
  • Food contact grade materials
  • Superior strength

Economic Advantages of Maxair Pipe Systems

  • Elimination of costly air leaks with fusion welded fittings
  • Energy savings through reduced friction due to an ultra smooth bore and low friction material
  • Savings in installation costs and modification costs as these systems can be branched of whilst under pressure
  • Low capital costs
  • low maintenance, long term efficiency, reliability, versatility and minimisation of maintenance


Maxair is manufactured in accordance to AS 4130/AS 4131 and is accordingly guaranteed for 50 years provided recommended design, installation and operating practices are adopted. Maxair may be operated continuously under pressure for up to 200 years at 20deg C.

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