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Petroleum Services and Eurolube

Petroleum Services design, build and install lubrication systems. With our list of preferred suppliers we can provide high quality systems and cost effective pricing. We look at the life cycle cost of an installation when proposing solutions and do not just offer cheap products. We can advise on the best solution for individual customer needs or package a solution to meet a budget. You can rely on our experience.   Petroleum Services are proud to announce we are the only registered distributor of Eurolube products in New Zealand. Eurolube is our preferred supplier of lubricant and fluids handling equipment. Eurolube have over 165 years combined experience in the Lube Industry and have developed a premium range of products to suit any and all applications in the lubricants and fluids handling area. We both use and highly recommend their products.

All products listed in the links supplied can be viewed on the Eurolube website for full product specifications by clicking on the Eurolube logo to the right